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Trusts & Estates

The issues that arise at the end of our lives and after death are not necessarily ones we want to talk about, or even think about. That said, if you want to ensure our wishes are respected and have the binding power of law, it’s important that an experienced trusts & estates lawyer help develop a plan.

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At Skabelund, there’s no challenge we welcome more than that of creating custom-designed trusts and estate plans for our clients. We’re proud of our track record, and our passion is to learn about the terrific people who come into our office that need help protecting their legacy and that of their children. 

Do You Need An Attorney To Settle An Estate?

Settling an estate can be a complex and time-consuming process, and while it’s possible to settle an estate on your own, we strongly recommend having an experienced attorney by your site to help you navigate the benefits and pitfalls of estate settlement.

Our estate planning attorneys in have years of experience and a deep understanding of estate planning laws. We have successfully handled estates worth upwards of $100 million, and we are dedicated to providing exceptional service tailored to your unique needs.

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There’s no challenge we take more seriously than creating custom-designed trusts and estate plans for our clients. Call our trusts & estates attorney at (480) 531-9865, or request an appointment below.

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There are several reasons why having an attorney is beneficial when settling an estate. First and foremost, an attorney can provide guidance and navigate you through the legal process. They can help you understand your responsibilities as an executor or personal representative, ensuring that you fulfill your fiduciary duties and meet all legal requirements.

Furthermore, an attorney can help you accurately assess and inventory assets, determine debts and obligations, and address any tax issues that may arise during the estate settlement process. They can also assist with the preparation and filing of required court documents and handle any potential disputes or challenges that may arise among beneficiaries or other interested parties.

By working with a skilled estate planning lawyer, you can minimize the risk of errors, ensure compliance with applicable laws, and expedite the settlement process. Additionally, an attorney can provide you with peace of mind during what can be a challenging and emotional time.

If you need an estate planning legal team, we’re here to help. Contact us to schedule a consultation and benefit from our years of experience and dedicated service. We will guide you through the estate settlement process and provide the support you need to ensure that the interests of your estate and beneficiaries are protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Special Needs Trust?

Parents with children who are mentally or physically incapacitated often need to provide for them into adulthood. Adult children with special needs are eligible for government programs, but their assets must stay below specified levels. A special needs trust allows parents to provide for their adult children by allowing the trust to pay the adult child enough money to live on, but not enough to exceed the threshold for government benefits.

What Is a Trust Protector?

As the name implies, a trust protector is someone who is appointed to oversee the trust and keep its assets safe. Trust protectors monitor everything from changes in the law to potential disputes between beneficiaries. Attorney Skabelund can provide reliable trust protection services that give clients real peace of mind.

What Is an Irrevocable Trust?

Irrevocable trusts are financial tools where a person transfers their assets to a trust, managed by a trustee. The person who creates the trust cannot change its terms, but on the flip side, assets are shielded from creditors and offer other potential tax benefits. Irrevocable trusts are very difficult to alter, so it's important to consult an experienced attorney to make sure you're protected.

What Is a Living Revocable Trust?

In a living trust, assets remain accessible to the trust's creator while they are still alive. The trust also outlines what should happen to these assets upon their death. Revocable means the person can change the terms of the trust; however, the cost of revocability is that there is no asset protection.

How do I choose a guardian?

Guardianship decisions are crucial for ensuring that, in the event something happens to the parents, their children will be raised by individuals whose values align closely with their own. If parents do not proactively select a guardian and document their choice, they risk having the state make this critical decision on their behalf.

How Is Incapacity Determined?

An incapacitated person is one who has been declared to have insufficient use of reason. A medical professional can make the determination, which must then be validated in a court hearing. Our trusts and estates attorney can work with clients to have incapacitation declared—or to fight such a declaration if it’s being wrongly applied.

What Is Power of Attorney?

Power of attorney is when one delegates another person to legally act on their behalf in the event of incapacitation. If we’re unable to advocate for ourselves at the end of life in the hospital, a doctor won’t know what sort of treatment (if any) to provide. A medical power of attorney can advocate for us. A financial power of attorney can handle our affairs. By making power of attorney decisions now, clients ensure that the person who ultimately gets that authority will be the person they trust the most.

Take the Next Step in Preserving your Legacy

A lot of things go into asset protection and estate planning, but for us it’s all about one thing: legacy. The desire to see what one has built preserved and passed down to future generations. It’s about family, and our goal is to help you grow, preserve, and protect that family legacy. Here are some of our clients' most common questions:

How do I choose an asset protection lawyer?

The best place to start is by asking what kind of work and what kind of clients the asset protection lawyer has worked with before. At Skabelund, we believe we have something compelling to offer clients because of our track record working with high net-worth clients, including those with portfolios of $100 million. When we talk about the need to think outside the box and be strategic, we’re doing so from the posture of having done it before, many times over.

How do I protect my house?

The most straightforward way to protect one’s residence from creditors is to put the property in an Irrevocable Trust. Once five years have passed, the family home has protection. Whether the straightforward plan is the best plan will depend on the specific situation of each client.

Why Do I Need A Custom Tailored Plan?

Each person and each business is unique, with goals, plans, and concerns unlike anyone else's. A cookie-cutter template will only include the basics that are common to everyone. That almost certainly means client-specific issues get ignored—omissions that can be expensive if the right (or wrong) circumstances develop.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

"Responsive and Diligent"

John Skabelund was highly recommended to me by my accountant and I could not be more pleased! They have coordinated together to help me set up my relevant business and personal entities and assets in such a professional way that I feel confident moving forward. John is very responsive and diligent in his approach to my needs. I will happily work with him in the future.

Brian le SolarBee

"Christina and her assistant Kristi were amazing!"

Christina and her assistant Kristi were amazing! It took me a long time to get my husband in to get our affairs in order…even he admitted it was a fairly easy process and he’s glad we did it. I feel so much better knowing our wishes are now written down for our family and things will be taken care of in the event something should ever happen to us.

Lynn Kent

"A Breath of Fresh Air"

John and his firm are top notch in both knowledge and service excellence! I have enjoyed working with him in collaboration on several of my CPA client's situations. His process is straightforward and transparent. What he is doing for the industry is simply a breath of fresh air!

Adam Ripperdan

"They listened to what I had to say and then followed through"

I received excellent service from this company. They listened to what I had to say and then followed through with my wishes. My trust turned out exactly how I wanted it. I am very pleased.

Alison Stanford

"John and his team are great to work with"

I highly recommend Skabelund PLLC. John and his team are great to work with. Quick responses to our questions and very helpful when we asked for guidance. If you're looking for a new lawyer, this is your place!

Maryann Schaller

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Skabelund isn’t just there to draft the estate plan. As important as that is, we know that life changes, goals evolve, and the estate and business plan must adjust appropriately.

We meet with our clients on an annual basis and offer a subscription program for those who would benefit from even more frequent counsel. We’re there for clients in the event litigation arises. We’re with you for the long haul.

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