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Why work with us?

We understand every situation is unique

Just as each of our clients has a different situation today, so too will each client have a different future. We'll work with you now and in the future to craft a plan that grows with you, your family, and your wealth.

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Why Skabelund Asset Protection?

Asset planning is an inherently complex endeavor, especially for people who have accumulated significant wealth that may include business ownership. It should never be enough for a lawyer to pull out a standardized estate plan off the Internet, enter in a name and some figures and be done. What should happen is that the attorney listens carefully to the client, seeking to understand how they want to bequeath their financial legacy. The estate planner should listen, being sure to know where their client’s fears of exposure and liability are. And the estate planner must do careful analysis of all the client’s assets—everything from real estate holdings to stocks, to businesses, and more.

A trusts and estates lawyer that has done all of this and more isn’t going to whip out the exact same plan for each client. The lawyer that’s really digging deep into each case will have custom-designed solutions that fit the unique situation of every client.

Furthermore, just as every client has a different situation today, so too will each client have a different future. Good estate planning can’t be a one-off activity any more than going to see the doctor can. The plan has to grow with the client, and with the life of their family.

That’s why annual reviews are an important part of what we do at Skabelund. Even more important is the entire mindset we bring to the job—we’re not a mill. We aren’t here to roll estate plans off the assembly line as fast as we can. We’re here to focus, to drill down, and to do the best job possible for each person we work with.

What Our Clients Say About Us

"John is responsive and diligent"

John Skabelund was highly recommended to me by my accountant and I could not be more pleased!

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Brian le SolarBee

"I highly recommend Skabelund and Christina!"

I feel so much better knowing our wishes are now written down for our family and things will be taken care of in the event something should ever happen to us.

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Lynn Kent

"Top notch in both knowledge and service"

I have enjoyed working with him in collaboration on several of my CPA client's situations. His process is straightforward and transparent. What he is doing for the industry is simply a breath of fresh air!

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Adam Ripperdan

"John and his team are great to work with."

Quick responses to our questions and very helpful when we asked for guidance.

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Maryann Schaller

"Excellent Service"

I received excellent service from this company. They listened to what I had to say and then followed through with my wishes. My Trust turned out exactly how I wanted it.

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Alison Stanford

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Skabelund isn’t just there to draft the estate plan. As important as that is, we know that life changes, goals evolve, and the estate and business plan must adjust appropriately.

We meet with our clients on an annual basis and offer a subscription program for those who would benefit from even more frequent counsel. We’re there for clients in the event litigation arises. We’re with you for the long haul.

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