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We have many happy clients who would love to share their stories with you. Here's what some of them have to say:

"I appreciate the service I've received"

Excellent service with prompt follow-up, and a willingness to educate on the right way to establish an asset protection plan. I appreciate the service I've received and would recommend!

Chris Morrison

"Highly recommended to me by my accountant"

John Skabelund was highly recommended to me by my accountant and I could not be more pleased! They have coordinated together to help me setup my relevant business and personal entities and assets in such a professional way that I feel confident moving forward. John is very responsive and diligent in his approach to my needs, I will happily work with him in the future.

Brian le SolarBee

"Christina and her assistant Kristi were amazing!"

Christina and her assistant Kristi were amazing! It took me a long time to get my husband in to get our affairs in order…even he admitted it was a fairly easy process and he’s glad we did it. I feel so much better knowing our wishes are now written down for our family and things will be taken care of in the event something should ever happen to us.

Lynn Kent

"Top notch in both knowledge and service excellence"

John and his firm are top notch in both knowledge and service excellence! I have enjoyed working with him in collaboration on several of my CPA client's situations. His process is straightforward and transparent. What he is doing for the industry is simply a breath of fresh air!

Adam Ripperdan, CPA

"John and his team are great to work with"

Highly recommend Skabelund PLLC. John and his team are great to work with. Quick responses to our questions and very helpful when we asked for guidance. If you're looking for a new lawyer, this is your place!

Maryann Schaller

"I received excellent service from this company"

I received excellent service from this company. They listened to what I had to say and then followed through with my wishes. My trust turned out exactly how I wanted it. I am very pleased.

Alison Stanford

"Absolutely recommend!"

John and his team are amazing. They are very professional and have great processes in place to make things easy. Absolutely recommend!

Daniel Engler

"Highly recommend him for your Trust needs."

Mr. John Skabelund was knowledgeable and patient, explained the complicated details of trusts, wills, and medical needs in ways we could fully understand and make competent decisions. Highly recommend him for your Trust needs.

Michelle Pachter

"Gracious, patient and thorough"

Mr. Skabelund spoke at our credit union and we were impressed with his knowledge, so much so that we did our trust with him. He and his staff were gracious, patient and thorough.

Barbara Beck

"I am very impressed with Mr. Skabelund."

I am very impressed with Mr. Skabelund. He helped me set up a trust for my son. As a single mother, he was very sensitive to my situation and helped me protect my son should something happen to me. He explained every part of the process clearly and precisely. I feel so much better knowing my son will be taken care of if I cannot do so. Thank you!

Carrie Gill

"Good Communication Skills."

I appreciate the time he took to meet with me and answer some basic questions that I had about LLCs. The insights he provided were really helpful and his services saved me from making some big mistakes. He was also very helpful in providing me some references for local CPAs and he also provided me with some very useful information about Living Wills. Good communication skills in person, by phone, and via email. Thanks.

Christopher Wise

"Top Flight Trust Attorney"

A top flight trust attorney who explains the entire process and charges a reasonable amount for his services.

Lewis Cortright

"I feel safe with him on my team"

John Skabelund and his team are absolutely wonderful. And more importantly, they're really good at what they do. John is extremely knowledgeable in the areas of asset protection and estate planning. I used him to protect my business and other assets, and I will continue to use him and his team so my assets remain protected and my estate goes to the ones I love when I pass away. John uses the tools available to structure his clients' affairs in a way that protects them from creditors. Plus, he's just a really great guy and very easy to work with. I feel very safe with him on my team, and I would recommend him to anyone.

Phillips Pool Service, Inc.

"John was prompt and very thorough."

I had known John prior to his becoming an attorney and knew him to be a straightforward honest professional. When John became an attorney he called to let me know and as it turned out I had some work I needed done for documentation on a website. John was prompt and very thorough but what impressed me the most was the questions that he asked about things I would have never thought about. Since then I have had occasion to have John do more work for me and in each instance he has been very prompt, very thorough, always courteous, and again he asks questions about things that I either have not thought about or had not realized the importance of. In addition to corporate documents that I have been having him work on he is very adept with wills, trusts, and estate planning. I would recommend him to anybody that might need that type of work.

Bill Weaver

"My interaction with both 'the firm' but most importantly John Skabelund, Esq. has been delightful!"

"Approved!" In Quality-Of-Services Delivered. My interaction with both "The Firm" but most importantly John Skabelund, Esq. has been delightful! I've been involved for more than a year with John on a few different projects concerning my business model and all proposed services were performed with the appropriate vision of leadership, delivered timely, and follow up has been completed that was all above satisfaction and more along the "Exceptional" variety! I am please to say that I am both satisfied and I TRUST John and his firm to deliver both quality end results and valued leadership.

John Love

"Working with Mr. Skabelund has been a huge win for my clients."

Asset protection is not an easy topic to embrace, let alone to implement. John breaks down asset protection in simple terms, allowing clients to understand the importance of it and why they need it. John also plays the long term strategy game, he looks out for the client’s best interest in the short and long term. It is not just a win for today, but a win for the future. John brings very valuable knowledge and experience to the table. He also inspires clients from the first meeting to build a strong relationship with the time and knowledge he provides. Asset protection is a key component of the wealth building formula, and John no doubt is a great fit for anyone looking to add an asset protection attorney to their team. In his words, he is the “legal quarterback” for any business owner looking to protect and grow their wealth with peace of mind and maximum protection. He is also very considerate of the tax ramifications of the asset protection plan, and really looks out in what best benefits the clients. I truly recommend Mr. Skabelund to those business owners that want to grow their wealth stress free. You will grow with complete peace of mind with Mr. Skableund. After witnessing what Mr. Skabelund has to offer, it will be a no-brainer to work with him and add him as part of your team.

Bryan L. Ramirez, CPA

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