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Plan to protect from the unexpected

At Skabelund, we craft custom-tailored asset protection solutions to protect the wealth you've worked so hard to build.

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Looking to protect your life's work from being lost to a lawsuit?

Here's how the team at Skabelund Law can help.

Asset Protection

Building wealth takes hard work, strategic planning, and risk. The Skabelund firm works with clients on custom-designed plans to reduce liability and exposure and provide security to your family’s financial legacy.

Your Peace of Mind is Our Passion

At Skabelund, we work with a range of unique clients on custom-designed plans to reduce liability and exposure and provide security to their family’s financial legacy.

Real estate investors

Real estate investors take significant risks to build wealth, and with risk comes exposure to liability. Our custom strategies for real estate investors mitigate risk, protect assets, and offer peace of mind.

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Business Owners

What happens to your business or shares in it after you retire raises complicated questions. Long-range estate planning answers those questions in advance. We also work with clients who are still active in their enterprises and can assist with potential mergers and acquisitions.

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High-net-worth individuals

Our clientele includes doctors, lawyers, professional athletes and other prominent figures. We've worked on portfolios valued at upwards of $100 million.

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Target Occupations

Certain professions and lifestyles carry inherent financial risk. We've helped doctors, lawyers, dentists, celebrities and professional athletes protect their wealth from opportunistic lawsuits.

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Windfall recipients

A financial windfall from the sale of a business, inheritance, or a large legal settlement can be a blessing--or a curse. We'll help you navigate liabilities and protect your wealth.

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To learn more about the services we provide, give us a call at or schedule a free consultation below.

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Take the Next Step in Preserving your Legacy

A lot of things go into asset protection and estate planning, but for us it’s all about one thing: legacy. The desire to see what one has built preserved and passed down to future generations. It’s about family, and our goal is to help you grow, preserve, and protect that family legacy. Here are some of our clients' most common questions:

How do I choose an asset protection lawyer?

The best place to start is by asking what kind of work and what kind of clients the asset protection lawyer has worked with before. At Skabelund, we believe we have something compelling to offer clients because of our track record working with high net-worth clients, including those with portfolios of $100 million. When we talk about the need to think outside the box and be strategic, we’re doing so from the posture of having done it before, many times over.

How do I protect my house?

The most straightforward way to protect one’s residence from creditors is to put the property in an Irrevocable Trust. Once five years have passed, the family home has protection. Whether the straightforward plan is the best plan will depend on the specific situation of each client.

Why Do I Need A Custom Tailored Plan?

Each person and each business is unique, with goals, plans, and concerns unlike anyone else's. A cookie-cutter template will only include the basics that are common to everyone. That almost certainly means client-specific issues get ignored—omissions that can be expensive if the right (or wrong) circumstances develop.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

"John is responsive and diligent"

John Skabelund was highly recommended to me by my accountant and I could not be more pleased!

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Brian le SolarBee

"I highly recommend Skabelund and Christina!"

I feel so much better knowing our wishes are now written down for our family and things will be taken care of in the event something should ever happen to us.

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Lynn Kent

"Top notch in both knowledge and service"

I have enjoyed working with him in collaboration on several of my CPA client's situations. His process is straightforward and transparent. What he is doing for the industry is simply a breath of fresh air!

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Adam Ripperdan

"John and his team are great to work with."

Quick responses to our questions and very helpful when we asked for guidance.

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Maryann Schaller

"Excellent Service"

I received excellent service from this company. They listened to what I had to say and then followed through with my wishes. My Trust turned out exactly how I wanted it.

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Alison Stanford

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Creating, Growing, and protecting legacies

At Skabelund, when we say we want to work with you, we mean just that—we want to work. We want to drill down on the details of what you need and then apply everything Attorney Skabelund has learned in both law and business for your benefit.

Ready to start your consultation?

Skabelund isn’t just there to draft the estate plan. As important as that is, we know that life changes, goals evolve, and the estate and business plan must adjust appropriately.

We meet with our clients on an annual basis and offer a subscription program for those who would benefit from even more frequent counsel. We’re there for clients in the event litigation arises. We’re with you for the long haul.

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